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Video learning platform helping people to learn anything in 10 minutes.

Skillsy is a video learning platform that makes it super simple to learn new skills. Skillsy was born out of the need to have a dedicated video platform just for learning. The unique thing about skillsy is that the content is broken down into smaller bitesize chunks of 1 minute length videos.

Our work on Skillsy consisted of creating a new brand and entire visual direction. This new visual identity would be used across various platforms from websites to applications.


  • Brand identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Animation


Skillsy App
Skillsy Apple Watch App
Skillsy Mobile App

Brand Identity

The Skillsy brand is designed around the idea of being friendly and accessible. The vibrant colour palette uses blends of pastel reds, oranges and blues which combines to create something that is both distinctive and inviting. Soft edges and smooth curves work to further the notion of a brand which is open to everyone. The Skillsy brand is often remembered for its unique combination of colour and form.

Skillsy Colour Palette
Skillsy Logo Sizing
App icon
App icon on device

Web Learning Platform

For Skillsy to fulfil its mission of making learning easy and bitesized it needed to work across platforms and devices. The website is designed and structured to easy to navigate and discover new skills.

Skillsy Website BG
Skillsy full website design