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The Little Village Shop

Startup rustic & artisan produce retailer.

LVS - Meat and Seasoning

The Little Village shop is a local produce retailer at heart. They challenged us to create a brand that was  rustic but at the same time communicated the core message of freshness. We set about conceptualising a new logo type, exploring the existing market place branding while also looking at how we could position The Little Village Shop in a higher place in the market. We would set this new logo type against a backdrop of rich imagery, featuring produce and the products they would be selling.



LVS third logo concept
LVS packaging mock up
TLVS - Brand Colour Palette
TLVS - Typography
TVLS - Linen Bag Branding

Finding the rustic feel

Packaging goes hand in hand with farm produce, we put focus on how the new brand would look when printed on packaging and textured material, this helped shape our vision of a bold new rustic brand for The Little Village Shop

Little Village Shop - New website and brand

The Typography 

The Little Village Shop brand was designed from the outset to be bold and distinctive. It needed a typeface to match. We chose lovely black with its sharp sans-serif letterforms - coupled with a healthy amount of letter spacing.

The Colours

The colour palette we chose for the Little Village Shop was made of those that reflected its product. Namely rich greens and earthy browns. The eventual colour chosen for the logo was a deep green.

LVS - Fruit and Veg
LVS photography
LVS Imagery - Strawberries


We designed the website to allow the products and imagery to sit centre stage. Full width sections that would expand right out to the edge of the browser. The website homepage is a sensory experience for both the eyes and potentially the tastebuds.

LVS - Website Full