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Warwickshire Motorhome

A website built to promote the journey as much as it is to promote the service.

Warwickshire Motorhome Hire approached us to create their new Wordpress website. They wanted something modern and family oriented, something that promotes the journey that you and your family will go on together with when you hire a Warwickshire Motorhome

The brief

During the conception of the new Warwickshire Motorhome Hire website we really wanted to focus on bright happy imagery, showcasing families enjoying the holiday and positive imagery, accented with bright oranges and yellows to represent a summer-time feeling. This paired with the "your journey" section really paints Warwickshire Motorhome in the best light.

When we started creating mood boards for this website we originally didn't want to go as bright as we did. However, when we reached the design phase, we soon came to realise the images were begging for a brighter and bolder pallet.

Mike O'Raw

During the design phase we wanted to put a lot of emphasis on "your journey" being the key selling point for Warwickshire Motorhomes, giving them somewhere to recommend camp sites and tell the story of those who have already used their services. We created a bright and spacious page dedicated to just that. Somewhere that a customer can get the information they need to decide where they're taking their rented motorhome.

To compliment the bold website design, we created a bespoke set of icons that represent their services. We wanted something playful but simplistic, something that could sit nicely along side the imagery on the website.

When we set out to create the new website for WMH, we knew we wanted to focus on positive imagery and a strong colour pallet. We wanted this to be more than just somewhere to book a motorhome, we wanted it to be somewhere you go to get an experience.
We created a bright and inviting website for Warwickshire Motorhome's customers, allowing them to browse the website and get all of the information they desire to help them decide where to go for their next adventure.

The Result