Marketing Brochure
& Fact Sheets

Graphic Design / Print

Digital & print marketing materials such as brochures & fact sheets are still vital ingredients in the customer journey.

KIJO's graphic design team was tasked by Park IT to design an original marketing pack, for both digital and print consumption. The marketing material needed to follow on from the development of the website and complement the existing marketing message.

Park IT's strong branding and vibrant colour scheme needed to influence a lot of the graphic design decisions during the project. Although intended to complement the website, the new marketing collateral needed to present the Park IT product from a fresh perspective.

Vibrant Colours

Use of the Park IT brand and colour scheme to highlight important elements.

Print Quality

Designed with printing in mind. High quality design to ensure a crisp finish.

Visual Storytelling

Use visual elements to highlight key features of the Park IT solution.

  • Park IT - Print Graphic Design
  • Park IT - Print Design
  • Park IT - Print Graphic Design
  • Park IT - Print Design
  • Park IT - Print Graphic Design

Copy & Content

We set about designing the brochure to be able to visually tell the story of the Park IT solution, without relying on other pieces of marketing such as the website. The brochure had a fair amount of content but the final design cleverly breaks the copy up into smaller blocks that can be consumed quickly and easily.

Flow & Hierachy

The combination of geometric shapes, large imagery, vivid colours and icons creates a visual flow and hierarchy throughout the document. Through the use of this visual hierarchy a readers attention can be moved between key pieces of information and sections.

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Outcome & Results

The final designs are visually striking, combining clever use of colour and shapes to tell the story of the Park IT product. The KIJO team was mindful of keeping the balance between creating something that was impactful but something that could also make the content heavy elements digestible and engaging.

KIJO and the client were both very happy with the final graphic designs. The Park IT team now have a set of stunning digital and print promotional materials that they use to attract new business on regular basis.

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