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App Development

Easy to use apps with amazing functionality. Across web and native platforms.

App Development is no longer about having the most features. Modern app development is about creating a practical, valuable experience that users will love – and that will root itself into their everyday lives.

Crono - App Development

Put your brand at the fingertips of your customers

Nowadays we have the ability to carry all our favourite services in our pocket. In fact the combined number of apps across iOS and Android is over 4 million, with that number growing every year as more tools, services and games beg for an essential role in our lives.

Whatever sector your business sits in, there are ways that apps can benefit you. You might build an app as an add-on to your main product or service, a handy and portable extension that can be accessed on the go. It might be about close communication and information sharing with your team, or a group of people who are spread across multiple locations. Or maybe the app itself is the product at the heart of your business.

Fundamentally, apps are about convenience – having access to a service when and where you need it. By developing an app for your business, you’re showing your customers that you’re current, inclusive and dedicated to their needs. Your brand can quickly become a habit people return to, explored on a commute, a walk, or in a roomful of friends. More so than a website, it follows your audience, and distils your appeal into one or two functions.


Great bunch of people. Very knowledgeable, helpful, creative and capable. They have worked on a complex programme of work including software design and development, web design and digital marketing and the results are first rate. I've high hopes for the application I now have, and the KIJO team continue to be good humoured in the face of my endless demands of them. Highly recommended!

Paul Reynolds

Director - Crono

Got a great idea? KIJO can make it happen

Do you have an idea for the latest app to infiltrate pop culture? Or perhaps you think an app could be the simplest way to streamline your business operations? Our team of expert coders can take your idea and work it into a polished product.

Apps are about making life fun, simple and stress-free. So when it comes to building your app, taking time to put in the groundwork during development couldn’t be more important. KIJO’s developers are a fussy bunch when it comes to getting the coding just-so. We’re proud of being more than a little bit nerdy about programming. Plus with experience in app development, we have plenty of bright ideas and nuggets of insight to bring to the table.

We can develop apps across a number of platforms including Apple iOS, Apple macOS, Apple tvOS, Apple watchOS, Android, Windows, Ubuntu. 

Apple Developer & Android Developer

We’ll help you determine whether to build an iOS or Android app, or one in a language that will give you the freedom to work across any device. For iOS fans, we’re part of the Apple Developer programme, giving us access to some of the most advanced coding perks for iOS, in addition to beta testing.

As the app comes to life, we’ll keep updating you with how things are getting on, and track the early days of its market potential with advanced analytics. You’ll know exactly how well it’s being received, and what might be tweaked in response.

UX & UI design

As well as having the coding skills to build any app you can invent, our team are specialists in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design. So you can be sure the potential of your app won’t be damaged by poor visuals or clunky interactions.

Drawing on years of expertise and real-world insights, we’ll analyse every interaction, graphic and function to make sure your app is functional, useful, fun and memorable.

Case study: Health & Fitness App

Health & Fitness App - Cut off


Health and fitness are big preoccupations in modern life, with many of us getting on board with the latest crazes, classes and sports. We designed the health and fitness app to allow for coaches to create class registers, rate students and also allow users to submit feedback on sports classes. 

The idea behind the health and fitness app was to grow engagement with an app that could connect users with classes, open up discussion within a community of like-minded people and increase motivation by tracking progress.

The application was designed from scratch – one that could connect users to their trainers and report on how hundreds of class members felt about what they were doing. Whilst data capture was essential, the app had to be very simple to pick up, ensuring users weren’t intimidated by it at any stage of their exercise plan.

KIJO’s developers love a challenge, and set about creating a user-friendly app that works across both iOS and Android platforms. Apps users can now use the app to give feedback before, during and after their classes and track their fitness progress. This is both a great engagement tool for customers and a vital source of information. 

KIJO’s app makes users feel that they are part of community- and helps keeps them motivated and engaged. We have pitched the app to our client Empowering Coaching (part of University of Birmingham) with them really interested in rolling the app out to their coaches and students. 

Health & Fitness App

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