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"Branding is what people say about your business when you're not there"

Your brand is what pops up in your customer's mind when they think of you. It's how you look, what you're called, how you speak and where you're seen. It's what you sell, the quality you offer, how you do business, and the values your company believes in.

Brand Creation

Branding your business is one of the most important and most exciting elements of your marketing strategy. It’s something we love getting stuck into here at KIJO! With good branding, you’ll attract the right customers and stick in their mind. So when they want your product or service, you’ll be their ‘go-to’ company.

When it comes to branding, we start with you. Over a coffee (or two) we’ll get to know who you are as a business, what you do and who your ideal customer is. Only then will we get to work on all the elements that will form your identity from your logo and stationery to your brand guidelines, website and social media presence.

The inspiration for a brand can come from many places – your company values, your name, the product or service your offer, or even the aesthetics that are most appealing you your target audience. Bringing together all of these aspects, our design team will conjure up some initial thoughts as to how your brand could look. After making the tricky choice of which you like the most, we’ll work up your preferred design into a polished look and feel for your business.

Little Village Shop - New website and brand

BES - Stationery Branding Pack


Brand Guidelines

Imagine the scenario. You’ve invested time and money creating a jaw-dropping visual identity you’re really proud of. Then an employee knocks up a poster with 10 different fonts and your logo in a lurid shade that’s way off brand. Shudder. Having brand guidelines ensures that anyone who creates marketing for you – whether it’s your internal communications team or a supplier agency – upholds the look, sound and values you want to project.

Consistency is the key to looking professional. And it’ll make sure you’re remembered. Consumers like familiarity, so having seamless (and gorgeous) branding across your digital marketing, printed communications and products will keep them coming back for more. Having brand guidelines in place is the best way to make sure everyone creating communications about your business is on the same page when it comes to colour, font, tone and style.

What a clever and creative team! I love them all too but particularly drawn to the 'IN' branding. I love the way it feels relaxed and can form different meanings.

Jill Mack

Innovate Psychology

Innovate Psychology Testimonial


We’ve created countless brands – living and breathing our customers’ values to get them exactly right. So we get the importance of protecting all that hard work once your brand is out there in the big wide world. As designers, we also know how to make your brand guidelines clear and usable for external providers. We can help you create a fresh brand and accompanying guidelines document from scratch – or bring back some cohesion to a brand that’s lost its way.

We create your brand guidelines in an easy-to-follow PDF format. Typically, this will include a short explainer about the identity of your brand, followed by technical elements such as the exact reference codes for the brand colours chosen, the fonts that can be used within branded communications and the amount of space that should frame the logo. We’ll also provide usage recommendations – like using inverted colour ways for your logo, overlaying it on image backgrounds or presenting it as an icon.


PIP - Brand Guidelines Colours

PIP - Brand Guidelines Logo


Download Brand Guideline Examples: 

Belle Odeur – New candle manufacturer and startup
Pipeline – New brand for an a sales web application 


Businesses are always evolving – so there may come a time where the brand initially created for your company no longer reflects who you are. Naturally, rebranding is about redesigning your visual identity. But it’s also about making sure your new brand is communicated to customers in a timely and effective way.

Changing your brand is a big deal for you and your customers so you need to get it right. That means ensuring every element of the rebranding process comes together at the right time without a hitch.

With a team of designers, developers and marketing experts, KIJO have the full skill set you need to manage your rebranding process. And of course, we’ll make sure your new brand is well designed, desirable and memorable.

Firstly, we’ll have a chat with you about why you want to update your existing brand. You may want a complete update, to create sub-brands or simply a few changes to modernise your existing look. Keeping your reasons in mind, we’ll create a couple of different looks to get you thinking – and work up your preferred choice into a new brand that will meet (and exceed) your expectations.

We can help you rebrand your existing marketing materials with fresh design, and even create a new website to tie in with the launch of your new brand. Want to make a big deal of your exciting new look? Talk to the marketing experts at KIJO about managing your social media activity.

Brand design company - outdoor installation

Case Study: Lakeside Re-brand

Lakeside provide premium packaging for foodservice and retail display. They felt that their current brand lacked the high-end feel they wanted to portray. They wanted something more seductive – so we got our design team on the case and set about elevating the current brand to something more upmarket and desirable.

We proposed two updates to their brand. Firstly, something familiar – a simple update to their current logo with a new colour scheme and small changes to the typeface. It was a step in the right direction, something that wouldn’t alienate the client but was fresh enough to paint the company in a new luxury light.

Here at KIJO we believe that change is a good thing – so we also showed Lakeside an evolution of their current brand, taking the idea behind their current logo and reworking it to create something sleek and contemporary.

Lakeside asked for seductive – so our designers introduced subtle gradients to act as mood lighting. The logo’s symbol is a droplet, so we kept this but changed the shape and appearance. The chunky, friendly font of the existing logo was replaced with something slim and sleek to give a more high-end feel.

Finally, the extra touch. We love to showcase what can be done with a brand, so we went one step further and presented additional iconography in the style of the new logo that could be used on the new website.

The result? Lakeside loved the brand evolution we showed them and we’re currently working on bringing this luxury new look to their website. Watch this space!

Lakeside Packaging - Rebranding

Lakeside - Brand Guidelines

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