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Cloud Hosting

Fast & Reliable. Built from the ground up to handle traffic spikes and future growth.

We’re always raving about the unlimited potential of cloud computing – and love helping our clients discover what it can do for their business.

Cloud Hosting Providers

Why more businesses are flying high with cloud computing

In the past, businesses hosted their computer programs and websites on physical servers in their office buildings. Many businesses still use traditional server hosting, but there are drawbacks. Office servers can only support so much software. When space becomes limited, programs become slow and servers can fail. The option to buy more space is expensive and puts more pressure on your office facilities and your IT team. Plus they’re a lot less secure when it comes to cyber attacks.

Introducing the cloud. Cloud hosting can free up space for other IT systems, save you the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware – and give your busy in-house IT team less to worry about!

Stay flexible

Should you need to change your website at any point, cloud hosting gives you the option to adjust your hosting requirements quickly and easily. With cloud hosting, you only need pay for what you use. So if you need extra space for a set period of time, you can simply increase your hosting package, and reduce it again when you no longer need it. This way, no server space is wasted.

An added bonus of using only what you need is saving energy within your business – helping you meet your environmental standards.

Push the boundaries with unlimited storage potential

With cloud hosting, there’s no limit to the amount of space you can use. If you’re planning an ambitious website or software project, cloud hosting can support anything you can dream up!

Spend less time maintaining hardware

IT departments are often one of the most stretched resources in your office. With cloud hosting, someone else manages software and security updates for you. By hosting websites and applications in the cloud you can free up your IT team from maintaining servers so they can get on with other things.

Choose the fastest, most reliable hosting methods

Unlike dedicated company servers, cloud servers are powered by several physical hosting networks. So if one goes down, there’ll be another to pick up the slack. This means that cloud hosting is faster and more reliable.

Your web traffic will be spread evenly across the network, thanks to a load balancer in the Cloud software. When you receive a spike of activity in one area, resources will be directed to it, removing the threat of any slowdown or downtime at the crucial moment visitors are hitting your site.

Peace of mind with increased security

All KIJO’s cloud hosting packages use UK datacentres that have extremely high levels of physical and digital security. Cloud infrastructure is continuously monitored and updated by expert engineers – so when you host in the cloud you can be sure your website is benefitting from the latest security measures.

Hosting software in the cloud, rather than on a machine, can give extra security to sensitive data. In the event of a lost laptop, data is safe and accessible in the cloud. Plus you can even wipe it from lost or out-of-use machines to stop information from getting into the wrong hands.

Great bunch of people. Very knowledgeable, helpful, creative and capable. They have worked on a complex programme of work including software design and development, web design and digital marketing and the results are first rate. I've high hopes for the application I now have, and the KIJO team continue to be good humoured in the face of my endless demands of them. Highly recommended!

Paul Reynolds

Director - Crono

KIJO’s cloud hosting packages

We don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ so we have a range of hosting packages for business of all shapes and sizes. With clued-up developers on hand, we can also monitor your site and apply software updates to keep it performing at its best – and importantly, keep it secure from hacking.

Starter Cloud

Our starter package is suitable for small business who need hosting for one simple website. It includes email support, uptime monitoring and daily back ups which are stored for seven days.

Learn about our starter cloud package

Dedicated Cloud

Our dedicated cloud hosting package features additional storage with the option to host an unlimited number of websites as well as one day email and telephone support.

Learn about our dedicated cloud package 

Bespoke Cloud

For ambitious businesses and web projects, our bespoke cloud package is fully tailored to your needs, managed by professional cloud engineers and comes with same day support.

Learn more bout our bespoke cloud package 

As well as our hosting packages, we offer additional services.

Maintenance & Updates

Maintenance updates (including any add-ons or plugins used) are required to keep your website performing properly and to keep it secure. If your website is hacked due to out of date software this can have very bad consequences for your Google ranking. Your domain will get blacklisted and your email will regularly end up in the junk folder.

Our maintenance services include updates to CMS software (WordPress) and updates to plugins. All the updates we implement are tested as working on a duplicate before being put live.

Learn about our maintenance packages

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service)

A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is an attempt to deplete a network’s resources so that genuine users can’t gain access. For dedicated and bespoke packages we can provide DDOS protection to keep your server online and operating optimally even when the target of attacks.

Every website and server is targeted several times a day by automated bots trying to gain access. As part of our security package we will make security improvements to your website and where applicable the website hosting. We highly recommend taking out our security package, which includes:

  • Implementing security improvements to WordPress
  • Installing and maintaining WordPress security plugin (including admin area security)
  • Server password brute force prevention and lockout
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system
  • Install Firewall
  • Anti virus scans once a month

Content Delivery Network

If your website is media heavy, our Content Delivery Network (CDN) service will ensure is doesn’t become sluggish. Your website’s images and media files will be served from a worldwide CDN and will load from the closest location to your users – meaning that images and media will load a lot faster.

AWS - Global Infrastructure


We would implement an automatic redundant backup solution. This would perform backups at regular intervals to a location that is separate from the server. In the unlikely event of downtime or website issues we could use the backup to restore to a previous point in time when the website was working.

Learn about our maintenance packages

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