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Logo Design

Distinctive. Recognisable. Unique.

 Your logo is a key part of your brand. It's the symbol that instantly communicates who you are are and is what will be first recognised by customers.

What is it?

A logo is a visual symbol for your business. Yes, it needs to look great. But the really clever bit is bringing together every element of what you do in a succinct, aesthetic & memorable way.

What a clever and creative team! I love them all too but particularly drawn to the 'IN' branding. I love the way it feels relaxed and can form different meanings.

Jill Mack

Innovate Psychology

Innovate Psychology Logo

Why you need it

Company merchandise, documents, websites, products, emails wherever you are, your logo is. You can’t be without one so it’s worth spending the time to get it right.

The Little Village Shop - Logo

Why choose KIJO?

We work with you to discover the heart of your company and design a logo that sums up your business. We consider the colours, shapes, textures and fonts that will attract your target market. Bringing all of this together, we’ll give you options to choose from and finesse the selected graphic until you’re 100% happy.

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