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Pay Per Click (PPC)

Targeted online marketing – for clicks that convert

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a sure fire way of getting your brand on the first page of search results, especially if don’t have time to wait for your SEO to come to fruition in the organic results. PPC can seem baffling, competitive and complicated – but with expert help from KIJO it couldn't be simpler to get clicks that convert.

 Pay per click Advert

How does PPC work?

PPC advertising is used to drive traffic to your site by paying for ads to appear on search engines against specific key words and phrases. As the name suggests, you pay each time your advert is clicked on.

With PPC, you decide how much you spend. You set a spend limit, and once it’s been used up, the search engine will stop displaying your ads. Simple.

PPC works by bidding for the keywords you want your site to appear next to when they’re searched for online. The keywords you choose for your PPC campaign dictate how much you pay per click. These prices will vary based on how much competition there is. Choose a popular keyword and it will cost you more. Choose something local, niche and specific and the cost per click is significantly reduced.

For the uninitiated PPC advertising can seem like a minefield! That’s where having expert help – like the marketing brains at KIJO – can come in handy. We can drill down the key words and phrases that will have the most impact for your business and advise on how to get the best return for your investment.

Why pay to get seen in search?

You may already be using SEO practices to climb higher up organic search results (and if you’re not, why not?). But there are number of reasons to use PPC in conjunction with SEO, to ramp up the impact of your digital marketing.

Firstly, SEO can take a long time to work. When the results of all those blog articles, landing pages, videos and other content you’ve created come into effect – the hard work really pays off. But if you’re launching a brand new business, product or service, you want people to find you instantly. PPC is a great way to plug the gap while you’re waiting for organic search to come into it’s own.

PPC can also be extremely helpful in judging how effective your internet marketing really is. You can track exactly how well each of your keywords entices customers, which ones lead to conversions and which ones don’t. With PPC, you know whether your investment has been worth the money and that’s vital for planning future digital marketing – whether further PPC campaigns or integrating your findings into your SEO plans.

With PPC you are guaranteed to get your brand above the rest in your specialised field and avoiding the scrabble to the top of the search results. If you’re looking to promote a short-lived or time-sensitive promotion, PPC is the best way to get to the top of the ladder at the crucial moment.

How KIJO ensures that every click is well spent

Any marketer worth their salt knows that a good PPC campaign starts with research. At KIJO we have the tools, techniques and experience to interrogate your online demographic and select the keywords that will attract the most valuable visitors. What’s more, we can drill down your keywords into specific, local search terms – meaning lower bidding prices and better ROI.

To support your PPC campaign, our team of developers can create dedicated landing pages for your ads, driving those who’ve clicked towards a specific goal. The more joined up your campaign is, the more conversions you’ll receive.

As your PPC campaign progresses, we’ll track every click and conversion, using real time learning to inform next steps. Where relevant, we can add new keywords to expand reach, or create target ad groups and landing pages. We can also identify non-coverting terms and add negative keywords to prevent you wasting a single penny.

Case study: Revealing results for private investigations firm

Reveal PI are a private investigations company and long-standing client of KIJO’s. Having started their business in Birmingham, Reveal PI has now grown to become a nationwide business – largely as a result of their PPC activity.

With some trepidation, Reveal PI gave us a modest starting budget of just £100 per month and challenged us to see what we could do. As always, we took to the task with our full energy – keen to prove to our client just how effective PPC could be for them.

Our strategy was to create a number of tailored ad groups for Reveal PI’s online marketing. Each group was allocated specific, regionally tailored phrases to maximise budget and ensure quality leads.

The campaign was more successful than Reveal could ever have hoped for, with an AdWords strategy that achieved an ROI of £4-5 for every £1 spent. Reveal have been so impressed with the results of their PPC advertising that they are now investing a monthly budget of around £2000 covering five geographical areas.

The majority of Reveal’s new business now comes through digital marketing and they have attributed a 100% increase of revenue for the business solely to PPC activity. Enough said.

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