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Real life, drones, cinemagraphs, animated videos. Dynamic content to move your business forward. 

Gone are the days of static online content. If you want to give your customers a truly immersive experience of your brand, stand out in a competitive marketplace or get a leg up the search ladder – you need to get things moving. Video, cinemagraphs and animation are effective ways of elevating your brand above the pack. Luckily, KIJO are experts at all of them.

Breathing life into your brand

Consumers don’t want to be told by you that your product is good. They want to experience it and make that judgement for themselves. So enticing today’s savvy surfers to make that first contact with your brand can be tricky.

Video gives your customers a more immersive experience of your product than photography alone – bringing the sights, sounds, colours and textures of your brand to life. It’s more exciting, and more informative about the end product or experience they’ll get – and therefore more persuasive in calling them to action.

We produce video for social media campaigns, websites, emails, online commercials, client presentations and tutorials. We’ll listen to what you’re trying to achieve, coming up with ideas to shoot contemporary footage that showcases your unique brand experience.

From shooting on location with standard or drone videography, to crafting bespoke animated video’s in our studio – KIJO can help you create dynamic content to help your business stand out online.

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Oliver Ashford

Managing Director - Park-IT

Why you need to use video to stay ahead of your competitors

Across the industry businesses are seeing outstanding results from using video online and in social media. In fact, when we created a video for a Hogarth Hotel’s Facebook page, it received an incredible 400% more views than their average post. In the month it was posted there was an increase of 30% in the traffic that came to the website via Facebook. Proof that video really works.

Search engines now prioritise video marketing above other, less enrapturing media. Algorithms crawl for popular videos, and stack them at the top of search results. If you’re not using video yet, you’re at risk of getting left behind.

Plus it’s shareable. Consumers love to know what their friends, industry idols or favourite celebrities are into (or not). Video can be beautiful, useful, informative or funny – making it greatly shareable content whatever your industry.

Animating your business

Animated videos can liven up your marketing by presenting information in an appealing way. Through short animated films you can educate and entertain your prospects with charming, on brand visuals. And thanks to the latest design technology, it won’t stretch your purse strings.

While traditional video works wonders for brands with sensory experiences – hotels, travel, fashion, food – animation can be used to great effect for businesses across the board. Some companies just can’t show what they do best in a traditional explainer video. They may work in a sensitive industry, find it hard to pick a suitable location for the shoot, or need media to make heavy information easier to digest and more relatable.

The KIJO team is able to bring any idea to life through animation, however abstract it is. There are no boundaries, except for what a designer can dream up! We look at your branding, then storyboard the narrative you’ll take the viewer through. We can also write and record the accompanying voiceover script.

The type of animation you choose could be in the form of infographics, charts, special characters, maps, or vibrant storylines that move prospects from A to B. With your brand in mind, we’ll carefully select everything from style and colour schemes through to the tone of your voiceover.

Animated video has proven success in increasing conversion rates – with figures hovering somewhere between a 200-300% increase in clicks to a website. Isn’t it time to find out what animated video can do for you?

Elevate your imagery with drone videography

Producing standard video is something we’re pretty good at. But we like to go beyond standard! We can’t resist a bit of tech, so we’re now using drone videography for many of our clients. We think it’s impressive, adds individuality and invites the viewer into the very heart of your brand.

Because of the agility of the drone itself, there are a huge variety of perspectives that are possible. This means you can put the viewer directly into any scenario. Filming at head height gives a first person perspective of your location, product or experience whilst maneuvering the drone up and away can provide stunning aerial shots that you couldn’t achieve any other way. Because of their size, drones can be used to shoot in small spaces and even indoors.

In the past, aerial photography was out of reach for most businesses. Now drone videography is changing all that. The process is easy and doesn’t intrude on your day-to-day operations. And it’s lots of fun too! We love it so much that we’ve used it on our own website. Have you seen the drone footage of our studio on the homepage?

Cinemagraphs – subtle, dynamic and effective

Another simple way of elevating static imagery is through using cinemagraphs – a type of ‘living photo’ in which the majority of the image is a still picture, with one section moving on a loop.

Cinemagraphs subtly add an extra sensory element to a photographic scene – like the wind moving through the grass, wine pouring into a glass or steam rising from a warming plate of food. It’s dynamic enough to grab the attention of the viewer and pull them into the scene in a more experiential way.

In fact, it’s been proven that using cinemagraphs in social media and advertising campaigns can significantly increase engagement. In a study by Microsoft, engagement on twitter increased by 110% when using cinemagraphs in comparison with 1.96% for still images. On Facebook engagement increased by 85% compared with still images at 0.83%. Impressive stuff.


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