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Website Design

Pairing stunning looks with seamless functionality

Your website is one of the first places customers will get to know your business – and is often the gateway to that crucial purchase or phone call. A website can make or break the impression people have of your company. So it’s vital that your site is enticing, attractive, informative and usable.

Whether you want a website built from scratch, or to revamp a site that’s stuck in the last decade – KIJO’s web design services cover everything you need.

We have a top team of designers, developers and marketing experts who have all the right ingredients to cook up a website that’s beautiful, functional and effective for your business.

Crucial - Website Design Tablet

Building The Future: how we create your ideal website

At KIJO, web design is a collaboration between you and us. We start with a friendly chat about what you want your website to do. Is it an ecommerce site? Do you want to advertise a service and encourage people to arrange a meeting? Will your website be an integral part of the experience you’re offering to customers – such as a subscription site, booking portal or an interactive product builder?


After establishing the ‘why’ of your website, we set about the ‘how’ and the ‘what’. We start out with a site map – which plots the pages on your site and the navigation. We also map out user flows, analysing how different customers will travel through your site and checking each journey will have a positive outcome for the customer and for you. The next step is creating wireframes. You can think of wireframes as the bones of your website – the basic skeleton of how it will look and function before we flesh it out with the design. Getting the navigation and functionality right at this stage means we can guarantee a totally user-friendly site at the end of the project.


Then comes the bit you’ve been waiting for. Our design team can now go to town bringing your website to life with colour, fonts and imagery. Need help creating stunning images? We can provide a full photography and videography service in combination with web design to make sure your new website really packs a punch.


After showing you the designs (which we’re confident you’ll love) you’ll give us the go ahead to start developing the site. All of KIJO’s websites are custom built by our in house development team, so you know your new site will be fully bespoke and unique.


But we don’t stop there. Once your new website has been built, our crack team of digital investigators will rigorously test your site until we’re confident everything works flawlessly. Even after we’ve pressed the proverbial ‘big red button’ and launched your website into the world, we’ll keep monitoring its performance to iron out any snags.

Great company to work with. Having provided us with top class design and consultancy, KIJO are a company that we have a very close relationship with. A very high recommendation from the whole Park-IT team. A really strong, knowledgeable and friendly team.

Scott Kiely

Park-IT - Tech Lead

Get noticed with a KIJO built website

The web is a busy place, so if you want your business to get found you need a website that makes the most of the latest technology and SEO practices to elevate it above your competitors. At KIJO we have the full package of designers, developers and marketing experts – all of them hungry for the latest technology and trends in their field. We create responsive websites as standards, ensuring that they work seamlessly across all devices and browsers to give your business maximum exposure. Our SEO geeks are clued up with all the latest tips and tricks to help your site climb to the top of the search pages.

When your customers do find you, their experience needs to be memorable. And that’s where impressive design and smooth functionality come in. Naturally, our talented design team will make your site stand out with the freshest styles, colours, fonts and design trends within your sector.


Park-IT - Website Testimonial

Why choose KIJO for Website Design

We have been designing stunning and effective websites for years and have lots of happy customers and statistics to prove it! Web design is constantly evolving – and so are we. We make it our business to keep up to date with cutting edges trends in tech. And with a team of detail-obsessed developers and skilled graphic designers, a KIJO-designed site is both beautiful and clever.

Case study: Hogarth’s Hotels


Hogarths - New Website Devices


We give our full energy to every website we design and we’re proud of the sites we’ve created. But don’t just take our word for it.

Premium hotel brand Hogarth’s were bowled over with the results of a website overhaul we completed for them last year. Here’s what the owner, Helena Hogarth, had to say:

“The website KIJO designed for us went beyond anything we could have imagined. It truly reflects the luxury of our Solihull and Stone Manor hotels and guests have commented on how easy it is to find information and book online. I’d recommend KIJO to anyone looking for a web design agency in Solihull”.

Hogarth’s wanted a more aspirational website – one that would reflect the opulent experience they offer and have future guests dreaming about their upcoming stay.

We knew that inspiring photography was a must – but we went one step further by creating bespoke moving images called cinemagraphs to give the new website the wow factor. What better way to entice potential guests than with the image of gently flowing water lapping over the edge of a petal-strewn bathtub, or the sight of moving bubbles in a softly lit champagne glass? The shoot took place at Hogarth’s Solihull hotel – read more here or see the final images at

Of course, responsive web design is absolutely essential in 2017 and every site KIJO creates is responsive as standard. You just can’t afford to miss out on potential customers because they can’t interact with your site on tablet or mobile. What’s more, without responsive web design you won’t stand a chance of getting noticed on search engines. An outdated, unresponsive website was a key problem that Hogarth’s needed us to solve to drive their Solihull business. Since using KIJO’s web design services, Hogarth’s have seen a staggering 25% rise in traffic to their site.

Hogarths - Mobile Experience

A luxury hotel experience begins with a seamless booking process. We loved making Hogarth’s website look beautiful, but we also knew that to be successful the booking process needed to be simple and effortless. Our web designers created a fresh, elegant layout for the website, allowing clear navigation for visitors – whether they wanted to take their time browsing a gallery of wedding photos, or quickly check availability for a weekend getaway.

With two existing hotels in Solihull and Kidderminster, and the potential for expansion, Hogarth’s asked us to come up with a format that would drive business to each individual property whilst allowing customers to discover the full Hogarth’s hospitality offering. We created a main landing page, as well as building a full website for each hotel. Not only has this streamlined the site so guests can easily find what they’re looking for, but it’s also given the individual hotels a leg up on the search ladder. Take a look at the final product.

Visit Hogarth’s Solihull Website 



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