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What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising?

Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC, is a form of advertising pioneered by Google through its Adwords and Adsense products. Google Adwords works by placing small text adverts within its search results.

An advertisement is triggered only when someone is searching for a particular keyword or set of keywords. So for instance if you owned a business selling shoes you would set up your advertisement to be triggered when a user searched for 'shoe sale' on a search engine. If a user clicks on your advertisement this is registered as a click. As an advertiser you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. PPC is an extremely efficient form of marketing because it is both highly measurable and targeted.

Our team at KIJO understands what it takes to build and run a successful PPC marketing campaign, having emulated our formula for success many times over. We can guarantee an outstanding return on your investment and deliver lasting results for your business. Get in touch today to discuss your PPC campaign with our team.

This continued success and use of best practice has resulted in KIJO becoming a Google Partner. The Google Partnership programme “recognizes companies that excel with Google’s products. Their businesses are healthy, their customers are happy and they use Google best practices.”

Other popular pay per click advertising platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

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Why Work With KIJO?

  •    Recognised as an "above average" Google Partner.
  •    All work carried out in house by our team of PPC experts.
  •    Targeted vision and monthly goal setting to easily track campaign progress.
  •    Full time dedicated account manger as one point of contact.
  •    Rolling monthly packages.
  •    Expert keyword, competitor and market research to choose the correct keywords to be targeting.
  •    Latest industry techniques and technologies used to keep the campaign up-to-date.
  •    Many previous success stories of excellent PPC campaign results.

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Success StoriesExamples of our PPC Work


PammaRugs approached KIJO to devise a PPC campaign that would drive traffic to their website and three eBay stores in order to generate an instant increase in sales of their rug products. After our market research and analysis we set 12 month goals with PammaRugs for the campaign so we both had a target to work towards. Using our previous experience and product knowledge we set-up a Google Adwords campaign covering a large number of industry relevant search terms.

The PPC campaign was an instant success; during month one of the campaign PammaRugs saw an increase in sales of 96%, followed by a 114% increase in month two and an 84% increase in month three. These figures provided an excellent ROI for the money invested in the PPC campaign and exceeded PammaRugs’s expectations. This trend of increased sales by nearly 100% per calendar month on average has continued over the entire 6 months the PPC campaign has been live.

This continued success has significantly increased the revenue PammaRugs is generating, allowing them to develop their product range and sales channels.

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Just Property Solutions

After completing the build of a new website for JustPropertySolutions the company approached KIJO to devise a marketing strategy that would provide them with instant targeted traffic. After completing our market research and competitor analysis phase we presented JPS with a multi platform PPC campaign coupled with an SEO solution. The PPC campaign would target both Google Adwords and Facebook customers.

The campaigns proved an instant hit and provided an instant ROI which we could directly track with our conversion tracking software. The campaigns differed across each platform but both provided the traffic and enquiries the business was looking for.

The PPC campaign has been a continued success and has formed a large part of the company's marketing campaign. The reliability of guaranteed traffic from the PPC campaign has allowed them to develop and spend more time on long term marketing streams such as Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation. Due to the success of the PPC campaign JPS instructed KIJO to also manage their SEO and Social Media Campaigns, meaning all of their digital marketing is handled by us.

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Working with a Google Partner ensures you are getting advice you can trust.