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Taking the idea from concept to launch KIJO worked with Dr Adeel Riaz to make his vision a reality. Click GP is a private GP service offering on-line appointments via video call to patients all across the UK.

The Brand

As with all branding projects we went on a journey of concept creation, creating around 15 different versions of potential logo’s. Working with different shapes and symbols we eventually decided upon a “C” letterform, utilising this letterform to create a family group.
Steering clear of any warning colours the colour palette we chose was a mixture of blues & greens, with a gentle gradient across each colour. Blue & green colours when used together create emotions of trust and safety.


Rawson Alt

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Web app

To give greatest ease of use for end users we decided to build the Click GP platform as a web application. This allows for cross platform access and allows end users to use the system directly from the web without the need for a download.
Personal Dashboards
When deciding the strategy for the application we identified 3 users types: Admin, Doctor & Patient. Each of these account types would need to see different data on their dashboard view and therefor we created 3 personal dashboards to cover each user type.
Live Consultations
The main user feature of the Click GP application is the ability to conduct live consultations via video calls. This feature’s UI is most prominent in our designs for all user types.
Book Your Consultation
We created an intelligent booking system within the Click GP application allowing for patients to book appointments, doctors to view their appointments & related patient details and the ability for admin’s to create and manage not only consultations but clinic date and length.
Full Medical History
The doctors & patients account types include designs in the UI for both user types to be able to view the full medical history of the patient. This is obviously an important feature for any doctor recommending a treatment and gives patients trust that the system has all the correct information needed at hand.


Doctor Dashboard
The ability to see booked appointments, related patients details and your own profile. The main feature being the ability to join a consultation and take notes on the system while the consultation is taking place.
Patient Dashboard
You can view & book consultations in real time via the patient dashboard. See when previous consultations took place and the notes & medication from those consultations all in one UI.
Admin Dashboard
The admin dashboard gives users with access to this account type all the data and tools to run a successful on-line GP service. The ability to create and manage clinics being a key feature.


The main user feature of the Click GP application is the ability to conduct live consultations via video calls. The Click GP system also includes the ability to chat via direct message with your doctor and view your medical history.

Book Your

The ability to book your consultation quickly and easily is a key feature in the overall success of this project. A patient can login and immediately select a date & time for their next consultation all from the same application screen.

Full Medical 

A key advantage of having an online GP is the ability for all users to easily view a patients full medical history. In a traditional GP surgery the patient does not get to see their medical history, further to this a doctor cannot examine a patient and view their medical history at the same time, with Click both these problems are removed.


The web application is backed up by a marketing website that has been created on WordPress and optimised for SEO. The website allows users to sign up to the monthly Click GP recurring pricing packages and gives a detailed breakdown of the systems features.

The Results

The platform is still in its early days since launch but the design & development work on both the website and application has been really positively received by all project stake holders & early stage users.


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Extremely happy with the outcome as the net product is amazing. Team at KIJO is world class, approachable and know what they are doing. Highly recommended.

Dr Adeel Riaz, Managing Director