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The Brand

KIJO were tasked with creating a CBD brand the UK market could take seriously. The aim was to stand out above all the other start up brands that had sprung up in the CBD space.

The logo is a visual representation of plants being transformed into liquid. It is designed in a style that deliberately resembles public safety infographics and signage (first aid, fire exit, etc….) This design choice means that an item bearing the mark is instantly recognisable as a medical/health related product.


We chose to employ a dark, forest green as the brand’s main colour (as apposed to using a more vibrant shade which might appear in designs based upon the recreational use of cannabis), so that we could further separate this brand from any negative connotations that might arise.



We created an easy to navigate eCommerce website that had high brand affinity as the main platform for Greenlife CBD to sell their new product range.
The website as well as being a platform to sell products also needed to be a place where users could educate themselves on CBD.


With multiple products in their range CBD needed a packaging style that could transfer across all these formats, we design the packaging for 10+ products for launch.


To help give each form of packaging a unique identifier we created a range of bespoke icons that be utilised on each product. As with all our icons they where concepted and created from scratch by the KIJO design team.

The Results

The brand has been well received from all areas both client & users, we believe the Greenlife brand is now positioned as a market leader in the UK CBD industry. The website has backed up the brand, delivering results from launch.


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