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Precise Mortgages

Standing Out in an Established Market

Precise Mortgages is a new entrant into the crowded mortgage advice marketplace. Our job was to create a brand identity which established their presence and added real differentiation in contrast with their competitors.

Standing out in an established market

Precise Mortgage Solutions needed to be memorable in a market with over 1,400 other providers. Their key communication was that they offer a precise service, matching customers with the single best mortgage offer available. We did some research to see how competitors were presenting themselves, and decided to avoid images of houses in the logo as they are used commonly.
Our initial mood-board showed examples of unique logos in mortgage advice alongside sharp, clear typography and colour palette options. Precise Mortgage solutions had already invested in their palette of red, black, white and grey, so we adjusted the shades to produce a modern effect. The bold red avoids signifying danger by being slightly muted, and it is used as an accent in carefully chosen positions to avoid garish overuse.

Visual precision

We then came up with three logo concepts to offer the client. These should use precision as a theme, but avoid military associations. Taking a different tack we experimented with an arrow, combining the symbol with the letter ‘P’ to create a visual link between the image and the company name. This helps anchor the brand in the consumer memory. The arrow point is aligned with the stem of the letter ‘P’ in the company name, illustrating precision at a detailed level, and the looping curls might conjure a signature, unconsciously linking Precise Mortgage Solutions with completed contracts through this conceptual image.
Our mocked-up products featuring the new logo design helped the clients visualise this concept as really their own, usable logo. At the end of the project, Precise Mortgage Solutions are happy to begin using the brand to catch the attention of a consumer overwhelmed by choice.
Precise Brand Mark
Precise Mortgages Concept
Precise Arrow
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Precise Mortgages Brand Identity
Precise Mortgages Brand
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