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KIJO worked with Threshers on the re-launch and brand activation of their new eCommerce platform. Threshers the brand was established in 1898 so we was thrilled to work with such a historic company.

Eye Catching Design

Having analysed the competitors websites we decided we wanted Threshers to stand out from the crowd, to execute this desire we used a bright and exuberant colour palette for all the website banners and re-shot all the product photography during this process.


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A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

After viewing the pre-supplied product imagery we decided this wasn’t upto the KIJO standards. Based on this we created a schedule to re-shoot all the products available on the website, although this was a large undertaking we believe it has had a massive impact on the look of the website, our ability to create engaging social media posts and the conversion rate of the websites product pages.

Luxury Cocktail Photography

Social Activation

For the brand activation we decided upon a social 1st approach, creating a ton of new social content that all fits within our new visual identity for the brand. With a product focus we saw a great response to the initial campaign in terms of website conversions.

The Results

Early signs point to a big success for our work with the Threshers brand. The social media response was greater than expected with 3000+ Facebook likes in the 1st 2 months. Google has also responded well to the website work we carried out ranking more than 3000 keywords after 6 months.


Branded Searches Per Month


Keywords Ranking 
on Google


Facebook Likes

Results based on 1st 12 months of the campaign
Month 1 to 12 has exceeded our expectations, we are really excited for the coming year and what can be achieved